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"My experience as a patient of Harmony TCM/Gerry Harrington has been wonderful. I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain, as well as digestion problems (bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation) for a long time. I have seen medical doctors, and gotten many, many massages for my muscle pain. Nothing made a lasting change in my condition except my acupuncture and herbal treatment from Gerry. After the first visit, I had substantial improvement in my neck pain and my digestion was normal (such a relief!) for days. After 3 treatments, my neck was basically cured. I had had massage therapy for years, which alleviated the symptoms for 24 hours, but after only 3 visits, my pain was basically gone. My digestion was being treated during these treatments as well, and after 5 visits, and an herbal formula, I am having normal, healthy digestion. My stomach is actually normal size (everyone thinks I had lost weight!) and I can fit into my pants! I had blood work done at the gastroenterologist and they told me I probably had colitis, for which there is no real treatment. Luckily I found Gerry. This is beginning to sound unbelievable, but I should also mention that I was able to stop taking anti-anxiety medication that I had been on for 3 years under this same treatment from Gerry, and the effect of the acupuncture and herbs on my psychological symptoms was great. It is so much easier to wake up, and I have energy I haven't had in years. I cannot do justice in describing the feeling of well-being I have after a treatment."

- Andrea M, 25
Doctoral Candidate, NYU

"I have had back pain my whole life and it became so severe that I was directed to go to a chiropractor. I can honestly say, my back became much worse from seeing the chiropractor and I became discouraged at the fact that my back would never get any better. I heard from some friends that acupuncture may help, I saw Gerry Harrington and honestly, after one visit, it was incredible how much better my back felt. I continued for weeks and I finally didn't have to spend all my time worrying about the pain. Gerry is also a great guy and has become a true friend of mine, I am so thankful I went to see him. Thanks Gerry Harrington!"

- James G, 24
Illustrator in Brooklyn

"I am a marathon runner and a martial art practitioner, both activities that come with their fair share of pains and injuries over time. At any moment that I may have hurt myself either seriously or just a nagging pain that hinders my training, I don't hesitate to call Gerry for treatment. He gets right to the problem, alleviates the immediate pain and accelerates the healing process which allows my body to get back into my workouts fairly quickly. I highly advise using Gerry for any body or energy problem you may have."

- Andy O, 39
NY Road Runners Club, Sifu Chen Ying Martial Arts

"I was diagnosed with IBS 6 years ago. Since then, I've experienced every textbook symptom from frequent and unpredictable trips to the bathroom to abdominal pain and bloating. Fed up with doctors, who proved unable to reduce my symptoms and who dismissed my complaints of pain, I turned to sources of complementary medicine for relief. Among them, I was lucky to try acupuncture with Gerry Harrington. Gerry sympathetically listened to my entire health history and discussed how he planned to tailor treatments to manage my IBS. After each week of treatment with Gerry, I noticed gradual improvements in my health. Within two months, I found myself able to safely eat certain foods that would have previously started an IBS attack. For the first time since my diagnosis, I felt in charge of my body. Thank you so much to Gerry for these amazing, positive changes in my health!"

- Andrea M., 23

"I received acupuncture treatments for my back and legs from Gerry Harrington for approximately one year. When I first came to Mr. Harrington for treatment, I was suffering from extreme pain along my spine that was radiating down my legs. I had protruding and bulging discs in my lumbar spine. I also was suffering from muscle spasms in my back and legs.

At the beginning of my treatment with Mr. Harrington I saw him weekly. Mr. Harrington combined this treatment with heat therapy, massage, and a treatment known as cupping. (Cupping involves using cups to help relieve tension in the affected area(s).)

As time progressed, I did not have to see Mr. Harrington as frequently because my condition was improving significantly as he treated me. The pain and tension in my back and legs lessened significantly until I only needed see Mr. Harrington on an "as needed" basis. However, if I moved heavy furniture or some other activity which affected my back, Mr. Harrington always gave me an appointment promptly and saw me soon after the occurrence.

Mr. Harrington is a professional dedicated to the discipline of acupuncture, and has spent time in China to observe first hand the nuances of his profession. He is extremely knowledgeable about eastern medicine and will take the time to speak to his patients concerning the various procedures he performs. He welcomes questions from patients and explains what he is doing as he is actually treating his patients. He keeps detailed notes on each patient he treats so he can follow their progression and see what procedures work best for a particular patient and his or her problem.

I highly recommend Mr. Harrington for the treatment of acupuncture and other eastern medicinal treatments. He is one of the few providers I have ever encountered that is patient, takes the time to listen to his patients, and is professionally responsive with the goal of giving his patients the pain relief they seek. "

- Bob P. 48

"I came to Gerry with ten years of chronic face, scalp and headache pain due to TMJ. At my worst, I was taking 10+ Advil per day 4-5 times per week to control the pain, and I was wondering if chronic facial pain was something I'd have to live with for the rest of my life. Thankfully, it's not-- and I fully credit Gerry for the pain relief he's been able to provide. I noticed a significant change after my first treatment, and I've found that the results of his acupuncture treatments last 2-3 weeks. I no longer see him to get rid of the pain, but to maintain my almost-pain-free state, and the change in my quality of life has far, far exceeded my expectations. I'm hooked and consider myself very lucky to have such a talented acupuncturist in my neighborhood."

- Lynn F. 31