Chinese Herbs

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In TCM, Chinese herbal medicine is the standard method used to treat disease. There are close to 500 commonly used "herbs" that come from plant, mineral, and animal sources.

Herbs are rarely given individually but are combined into formulas that are designed to treat a patient’s unique presentation. Formulas are adjusted as a patient’s condition changes. These formulas can be cooked into a tea, taken as granules mixed with water, or taken in pill form. Herbs are also used in liniments, patches, creams, and baths to treat a variety of musculoskeletal, skin, and other disorders. Chinese herbs have minimal or no side effects when correctly dispensed by a certified practitioner. Gerry Harrington is nationally board certified in Chinese Herbology (NCCAOM).

Unlike modern pharmaceutical medicines that primarily treat symptoms, Chinese herbal medicine treats the whole person. In TCM, disease is not perceived as caused by a singular process, but is an expression of disharmony within the whole being. By treating the greater disharmony, TCM not only alleviates the symptoms of disease, but reestablishes internal balance to make lasting changes. Herbal formulas are crafted to address the different aspects of disease and disharmony.